Slotland Casino Review

Slotland is an online casino established in 1998 using its own proprietary games. It is operated by Slotland Entertainment S.A. and is registered under the jurisdiction of Anjouan. Last updated: March 2, 2014.

usSlotland welcomes players from the United States.


rating: Very Good

Slotland Bonus Offers

  • Expires: 1 June 2015
  • Maximum Cashout: $100
  • Other Information:
    • Players from Argentina, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine are excluded.
  • Allowed Games & Wagering Requirements:
    • 100% (20xB) → Parlour Games, Slots
    • Expires: 1 June 2015
    • Other Information:
      • Players from Argentina, Hungary, India, Romania and Russia are excluded.
    • Allowed Games & Wagering Requirements:
      • 100% (13xB) → Parlour Games, Slots
      • Minimum Deposit: $10
      • Allowed Games & Wagering Requirements:
        • 100% (13xB) → Parlour Games, Slots
        • Other Information:
          • 50% up to $100 on your next 9th deposit.
        • Allowed Games & Wagering Requirements:
          • 100% (39xB) → Parlour Games, Slots

        Review of Slotland

        Established way back in 1998, Slotland is one of the more unusual online casinos you're likely to encounter, largely because it does not conform to what you might expect an online casino to be like. It doesn't run on any of the the big name software suites, so the visuals and sound effects are unique. Over the years it has earned for itself a reputation for reliability and generosity.

        No installation required

        Every game on offer at Slotland runs inside of your web browser using either flash, or even plain old html and javascript. This means that not only can the casino be played on a PC or Mac, but it will run on just about any device that has a web browser including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and even a Wii or PS3. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser, and you're ready to play.

        Slots plus a little bit more

        As the name of this online casino implies, the majority of the games on offer are video slot titles. The selection isn't massive - there were around 27 different video slot games available on the site at last count - but they are all of high quality. Some of my favourites are Turbo GT, Double Luck, and Treasure Box.

        Most importantly, the biggest draw at Slotland is that every single one of the video slot games contributes to a single progressive jackpot. This means that every one of Slotland's players has a chance of striking it lucky with a massive win. As our Slotland jackpot tracker shows, it has been hit several times in the last 12 months, with an average win value of around $140,000.

        However, slots are not the only games on offer at this online casino. Give Space Jack a try, it's a weird, sci-fi flavoured variant of the traditional game of blackjack, but with a twist. Beyond that, there are several poker-style card games including Jacks or Better, Striking Sevens, Wild Heart, Four Cast, and several others.

        Bonuses and Promotions

        Slotland offers a standard welcome bonus with ongoing promotions for existing customers such as an automatic $100 free on every $1,000 deposit. Additionally, for every $20 you deposit, you get one ticket into a draw for that week. The lucky winner gets a $500 bonus deposited into their casino account.

        However, the smart player will sign up for the Slotland newsletter, which gives out mystery deposit bonuses every month. The minimum is 30%, and the maximum is 100%, but you have to be a newsletter subscriber to qualify for these.

        Deposits and withdrawals

        Like most online casinos, Slotland accepts deposits from most major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. They also accept a range of alternative payment methods. You can make deposits to your Slotland account via Neteller, Moneybookers, eWalletXpress or Instadebit - all of these payment methods register instantly. When it comes time to withdraw your winnings, you can use any of the alternate methods. Additionally, you can request a wire transfer or a cheque.

        Slotland has proved itself to be a unique and reliable online casino since it started operating in 1998. You're sure to play a bunch of unique games that you can't find elsewhere, but the choice of games is rather limited. Recommended for the adventurous online player.

        Slotland Jackpots

        These are the current progressive jackpots at Slotland as recorded by our casino jackpots tracker. Click a jackpot name to view detailed statistics, jackpot graphs, and win records.

        Slotland $74,114
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        Low RollerLow Roller
        Joined: 11 May 2012
        Posts: 22
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        Rated this casino
        20 July 2012 - 1:16am

        I tried to sign up. Filled all the info that was required. put up comes up saying account suspended I don't know??

        Joined: 3 Jan 2013
        Posts: 2
        Thanks given: 2
        Thanks received: 0
        9 January 2013 - 5:26am

        That might mean u signed up before or multiple accounts under the same ip address? and they locked u out. if not, contact customer support and they'll unlock it for u after they've identified u.

        techmaster187's picture
        Joined: 10 Sep 2013
        Posts: 19
        Thanks given: 10
        Thanks received: 5
        20 September 2013 - 8:24am

        Has any one had good luck whit this casino and won. thanks

        Forum Angel
        barbadosslim93's picture
        Location: Michigan
        Joined: 28 Jan 2011
        Posts: 5206
        Thanks given: 449
        Thanks received: 320
        Rated this casino
        20 September 2013 - 12:22pm

        I haven't struck it big here, but I have heard stories of people who have won the Slotland jackpot. The games are okay, and they give away a lot of free chips to folks.

        I have won at Slotland's sister casino WinADay though.

        It is a pretty solid place to play.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: techmaster187

        True PlayerTrue Player
        Location: Belarus
        Joined: 13 Feb 2012
        Posts: 844
        Thanks given: 215
        Thanks received: 293
        Rated this casino
        5 January 2014 - 1:20pm

        Hello, i tried slotland only with no deposit bonuses. I quite like their software, its typed here that it is proprietary, and i know only one casino which have same software, its winaday. I like it, but play there only on no deposit bonuses. My first welcome bonus was lost, but usually on big holidays they giving away some no deposits, of course for me like for non-depositor there are always 25-50$ max. cashout rule. But anyway, its still nice money expecially if free, and also i like how they work. I never experience problems with them, but i did not like the thing that you can not know how much you need to wager more to clear the bonus. If you want this, you need to contact live support, which obviously can be annoying, but i am personally do not care about it.
        Support: Live chat always online and helpful.
        Withdrawals: They process withdrawals only one day per week , only on wednesday(or thursday, sorry, did not remember correctly). Which of course not cool, but as i am playing only with no deposits i do not care.
        Software: did not experience any lags.
        Slotland deserves 4 stars, no less. I like this casino.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL-Ed

        Bronze PlayerBronze Player
        Location: Minsk
        Joined: 11 Mar 2014
        Posts: 214
        Thanks given: 11
        Thanks received: 31
        Rated this casino
        18 March 2014 - 12:51pm

        Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review of slotland casino. I should say in begin of my review that i am not often player at slotland casino, but i have some experience + some of my friends played there too + many forum members on our russian forum about casino usually playing there, so i am sure i am able to make some comments about this casino. Slotland casino using their own software, and this is good, because you did not find such slot at any other casino, i did not like their slots a lot, but they interesting, and probably someone will find them cool and entertaining. Also slotland casino send out to players bonuses very usually, and many of this bonuses are no deposit bonuses, so this is good example how casino should reward their players. Bad thing that they process withdrawals only once per week, and this is not good of course, but at least you always know when you get your cashout, and also slotland casino has so great reputation, so no one worry about his money when playing at slotland casino.
        Support: They had live chat, and they always friendly and nice.
        Withdrawals: Once per week, unfortunately. But i found it is even good in some cases.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL-Ed

        Low RollerLow Roller
        kylie333's picture
        Location: Somewhere in PA
        Joined: 26 Mar 2014
        Posts: 27
        Thanks given: 7
        Thanks received: 19
        Rated this casino
        26 March 2014 - 9:54pm

        Slotland Casino Review. Slotland Casino is one of my top rated casinos personally. I really enjoy the slot games selection they have to offer but I do not like that they do not offer slots with lower wagering requirements. For example, If they offer you a free $10 chip for your account most of the games are 5 cents a line at least. Therefore less spins before you're out of money to play with and more frequently than not you're then disappointed because it didnt even feel like you got to play a little even if you didnt win. I feel like Slotland should offer a variety of penny slots to people with smaller wallets because people with smaller wallets like to spend 25 bucks here and there too. I've cashed out on one of their bonuses at this casino and have to admit that they, too, kept their word and my cashout check was delivered right on time and I had no trouble cashing it at my bank. I have never spoken with livechat at this casino so I cant honestly tell you if they're pleasant or not. I hope this helps in your decision!!!! Happy Gaming!!!!

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL-Ed

        Bronze PlayerBronze Player
        Joined: 16 Jun 2014
        Posts: 296
        Thanks given: 0
        Thanks received: 300
        Rated this casino
        18 June 2014 - 10:46pm

        Slotland casino have unique slot games on the website and this slots can played on site with no option to download casino. Slotland casino is paradise for bonus players because this casino send me 100% bonuses almost every week and also about 2 or 3 times per month i get small no deposit bonuses that is really pleasure to play. Live chat at casino also very nice and work 24/7 i try it few times at night asking about wagering because it is not possible to check it anywhere and agents was loyal to me and always help. Slots number not very big but all games interesting and some games have big jackpots and give a chance to win lot of money. Games not lag and have no any glitches. Casino verify me one time only and it take only 40 minutes for casino and casino have payouts only one time per week but i am ok with it because i always know when i get money and can plan how to spent my winnings. I play at this casino many times and never have problems this of course good online casino with not big selection of slots very good bonuses and no deposit bonuses and payout one time per week i will play again anyway because get no deposits often.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL - klaw

        Bronze PlayerBronze Player
        AstanaKZ's picture
        Location: near Astana, capital city
        Joined: 18 Aug 2014
        Posts: 258
        Thanks given: 0
        Thanks received: 254
        Rated this casino
        19 August 2014 - 4:20pm

        Slotland casino it is one of the most reputable online casinos for players USA, and it is one of the best place for such players. Also they add penny slots not so long ago, and give many no deposit bonuses, and it is good place. But i am running after the train, let me st art from pluses.
        + Software. I read that many players said that it is bad software, games not interesting, boring. But i liked this games, and since casino add penny slots, games much more interesting and it is not needed to have a lot money to enjoy slots! Also all games never lags on my laptop.
        + Customer support. Looks like live chat working all the time, because i was never forced to send email to CS, just was enough to open live chat and get quick answer. There is interesting thing after chatting ,where i can rate how good agent was to me, and i am always click max mark.
        + Withdrawals. Paid only one day per week, i get only few withdrawals quite long ago, and did not remember exact day. But it is ok, just a hint to play just the day before payout day.
        + Bonuses and promotions. Many no deposit bonuses and match bonuses.
        No any minuses for this casino.
        Final mark.
        Very good change from RTG to US players.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL - klaw

        Location: Johannesburg , South Africa
        Joined: 20 Jul 2013
        Posts: 15
        Thanks given: 0
        Thanks received: 7
        Rated this casino
        10 October 2014 - 5:37pm

        Love this casino. The games are awesome to play. Play on my ipad all the time. Also good that there is no max cashout on deposits made and if u use a free bonus code within 30 days of making a deposit then that is also no max cashout. Wagering requirements are also low, I think it could be 5x if I'm not mistaken. The chat staff are also very friendly, efficient and helpful. I have often got free bonuses when I've asked for them. My favorite slots are air mail and the turbo game. What's awesome about the turbo game is that you can get 10 free spins - always my best!!! Slotland also have nice free bonuses when they are avail via newsletter promotions. Just wish they could take a lesser deposit amount than $25.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL - klaw

        Card SharkCard Shark
        Joined: 30 Sep 2014
        Posts: 192
        Thanks given: 1
        Thanks received: 182
        Rated this casino
        12 October 2014 - 9:49pm

        Slotland casino did not my favorite casino, not at all. But i do love this place! They not have interesting slots, and they process withdrawals only once in a week, this is of course sounds poor, but one thing that make me happy it is that casino always have some kind of celebration. Really, i did not visit my account for about two weeks, and when i am login i am usually see some no deposit bonus. Also there is many deposit offers coming with such celebrations, so of course i am happy to claim any bonuses casino have, specially no deposit bonus. I made about one deposit per month,because if i will not max withdrawal from free chip offers will be too low, about 25-50, when you deposit recently, max withdrawal is much more better, sometimes even without any restrictions on withdrawal amount(i am not sure about it). Support is also very good, love to chat with their agents. Everything good except slots, that is bad thing in this casino. And processing withdrawals once per week sounds not too good too. But i am happy to get free gifts few times per month, who will not like to play for free with a chance to grab some extra cash in pocket without making deposit?

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL - klaw

        Low RollerLow Roller
        strongbow's picture
        Joined: 19 Jun 2014
        Posts: 39
        Thanks given: 1
        Thanks received: 46
        Rated this casino
        5 November 2014 - 8:04pm

        I really wanted to like Slotland, but ended up not really enjoying this casino as much as its sister spot WinADay. I think that a lot of the games here feel very dated, and I just feel that there are a lot of other casinos that can offer me a better gaming experience.

        I do like that the excellent promotions that Slotland offers through its Facebook and email campaigns, as they often give out very solid deposit bonuses and free chips. I myself never seem to win on these, but I do at least enjoy the opportunity to try and see what I can pull out.

        If you are an American who wants to play at a casino where you don't have to download any software, Slotland is a good spot to play at, but you should be aware that WinADay does a better job in most respects as its games are much more modern.

        1 member gave thanks for this useful post: CL - klaw

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